CRM Solution

CRM Solution
Strong customer relationships are at the very core of a business. An efficient CRM solution engages customers throughout their buying journey and increases brand loyalty. Moreover, it permits open collaboration between your suppliers, workforce, customers and partners to drive success.

Best-in-class services at SupraES!

SupraES’s CRM solution empowers organizations for creating client-centric business strategies and encourages open collaboration among stakeholders. Our solutions bring order and ease to the development, creation, and maintenance of the most crucial relationship of your company – the one you hold with your customers.

It enables pipeline management by recognizing opportunities within the sales pipeline, and warranting easy campaign management by providing marketing insights. Our CRM solutions track sales trends, buying patterns, inventory, and more, to make sure nothing goes wrong. From process optimization to strategy consulting and IT landscaping, we provide wide-ranging services with our CRM solution that stretches to bring into line with your business practices and models.

Key functionalities of our CRM Solution:

  • Flexible workflow
  • Customer self-service
  • Sales portal
  • Marketing
  • Servicing
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Case management
  • Contract renewals
  • Template quotations

SupraES’s single CRM software that meets all your requirements:

1. CRM SOFTWARE- SALES : Created to make a sales executive’s life easy, it assists in managing your opportunities, leads, sales activities, sales funnel, and sales reporting easily with our CRM

2. CRM SOFTWARE- MOBILE : Mobile CRM Software helps you in tracking your activities easily. SMS and log calls automatically. Mobile dashboard for managing your team.

3. CRM INTEGRATIONS : Our customer relationship management can integrate with your Yellow Pages portals, website, your ERP and other applications. Built-in integrations consist of LinkedIn, email tracking, SMS, telephony, etc.

4. CRM for CALL CENTER : Manage support and sales desk with built in integration with our call center software. Apt for small and large teams for any type of processes.

5. CRM SOFTWARE- HELPDESK : Manage AMC, support tickets, product details, product subscriptions SLA, product warranties, escalations with robust CRM software.

6. CRM SOFTWARE- MARKETING : WhatsApp, SMS, Email automation for nurturing leads, up-selling and cross selling. Utilize account-based marketing with proper cataloguing product wise, industry-wise, or region wise.

7. CUSTOM CRM : Our CRM can be personalized to suit al business processes. Every field, module and report can be personalized.

8. CRM API : A secured API can be utilized for integrating with any application such as, ERP etc. It comes with sample files, complete documentation, and telephonic support.