Learning Management Solution

LMS Solution
LMS solutions are aimed at those who wish to offer online education to their students, internal employees or even for selling courses over the web. It encompasses everything and helps to deliver an enjoyable and enhanced learning experience for the learners. It assists in reducing skill gaps for managing a learner ecosystem that is compliant, engaged, and updated.

We are at your service!

SupraES has honed the craft of creating custom software. We have developed hundreds of learning management systems, from interactive certifications or course systems to comprehensive platforms for organizations and universities that assist employees/ students manage their curriculum, get professional certifications, and more. Our skilled developers utilize methodical approaches that comprise of working closely with the clients to understand the required final results. Personalized LMS development can create a browser-based, powerful training system that can be accessed from all devices that have access to the Internet.

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SupraES’s Learning Management System Features

1. Easy Management

Created for the simple management of training programs that have thousands of learners.

2. Good Reporting

Measures the performance of live training (instructor-led) as well as your trainees online- all from a single place.

3. Mobile Management

Handles your training program conveniently and easily with the mobile application.

4. Manage Account Access

Clearly deļ¬nes roles that manage numerous levels of access to billing, account settings, groups and content.

5. Guarantee Retention

Years Of Experience

We have been in the business for several years. Hence, you can depend on us.

Quality and Time

We have been recognized for our quality of work as we make sure we stick to industry standards.

Great Support

If you have any problem or are trying to do new things, we can support you. We have an alert support team which is quick to respond and helps with a smile.

We are well versed with elearning

We have collaborated with several universities and big corporates across the globe, we understand e-learning and you can rely on us for the best solutions.

At SupraES we follow a disciplined methodology that offers successful outcomes. It steers the way we research, plan, collaborate and even execute the whole project till its completion.